Philly Block Project

Ortleib’s Brewery

Ortleib’s Brewery was a four building complex between American and Third Streets at Poplar.

Though the brewery closed in 1981, its story goes back to the 1860s when Philip Gukes first began brewing on St. John Street (now known as American Street). Twenty years later, Trupert Ortlieb purchased the brewery, which soon took up the entire block!

Despite Prohibition, Ortleib’s spirited operations continued until they closed their doors in 1981. Before demolition could take place in 2013, however, a fire occurred on one of the building’s roofs!

While the complex is now a part of Kensington’s past, you’ll still find hot jazz, cold drinks, and friendly bartenders at Ortleib’s bar on N. 3rd Street. They keep the memory of this great Brewery alive!