Philly Block Project

The Quaker Lace Company

In the early 20th century, fashion called for lace. Philadelphia’s answer to fashion’s call? The Quaker Lace Company.

Established in 1894 on 4th and Lehigh Avenue by the Bromley Family, it was first known as the Lehigh Manufacturing Company. The name ‘Quaker Lace Company’ was integrated in 1911, and by that time there were 80 looms operating on the second floor of the brick fortress. At its height, the company was running 100 mills at once, churning out everything from delicate doilies and tablecloths, to 40-foot wide spans of lace.

Eventually, the company was sold by the Bromley family. Soon after, it was destroyed in a fire and unfortunately never refurbished. It is now the site of the Julia De Burgos Middle School.

History c/o Workshop of the World.