Philly Block Project

For Carmen Fernandez, Home is Where You Make It

While Carmen Fernandez was originally born in New York, she is more entrenched in South Kensington’s community and well-being than almost anyone we know. A Block Captain on N. 3rd Street, she is pictured here with her son Will Fernandez and her grandson, also named Will.

It’s for them that Carmen has taken up our mission to preserve South Kensington’s history through photography. That love is obvious in the photos she’s chosen, including a shot taken minutes after Will was born. While these moments are fleeting, or perhaps because they are, it’s essential we preserve them before they are forgotten in a changing neighborhood.

“I want people in the future to see that this community had a heartbeat,” Carmen says. “There was love here.”

Photo Credit: Wyatt Gallery/ Hank Willis Thomas Studio.