Philly Block Project

New Life is Beating in South Kensington

When the Philly Block Project team first went out scouting the blocks of South Kensington in November 2015, we had made no announcements that we’d be out on the town. The idea was to capture and celebrate life being lived, and that meant the everyday moments, no matter how big or small.

We met neighbors walking dogs, relaxing with roommates, and prepping for family dinners, but no one was ‘celebrating life’ quite the same way as Elizabeth Martinez and Gabriel Espinoza. As it turns out, we had stumbled upon a baby shower they were hosting in their South Kensington home. We hope that one day their daughter can look back on the Philly Block Project, and this incredible moment that her parents invited us to share.

(Photo by Lisa Fairstein/Hank Willis Thomas Studio)