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Al Aqsa Islamic Society Picnic for Solidarity

You wouldn’t believe it, but this photo was snapped in December 2015 at Al Aqsa Islamic Society’s Picnic for Solidarity. The weather was fitting, considering the incredible warmth we witnessed that day.

Earlier that week, Al Aqsa suffered an act of vandalism that shook South Kensington. While no one was harmed, community members like Derek Dorsey (read his story here) could not stand by when our Islamic community needed our support. So on that day in December, Philadelphians from all faiths and walks of life met to share a meal of solidarity.

These women – Patricia Coyne, Miriam Abuawwadeh, Donia Mustafa, and Mabeela Ibrahim – hit it off so well that they marked the occasion with a Snap.

“It was a day for us to meet and show that we are all one community,” said Mustafa.