Philly Block Project

Santiago Principe Adds His Experience to the Archive

South Kensington has seen many milestones. Weddings. Small businesses launching. And that’s just Santiago Principe’s story! This March, we were lucky to hear about it as he shared  images with Tim Gibbon for our ‘Archive Collective’ exhibition.

When Santiago and his wife got married in South Kensington many years ago, they snapped a photograph at the church where the service was held. While the photograph still exists, the church no longer does; the couple was saddened to find that an important part of their history wouldn’t be a part of the neighborhood’s future.

As fate would have it, however, the location would end up taking on a new meaning for the Principes. Believe it or not, the same corner is now home to ‘Lechonera Principe,’ a community anchor where South Kensington gets together for easy conversation and comfort food.

Working with Lechonera, a partner of the Philly Block Project, we’ve been lucky to get to know the Principes’ through their stories and photographs.