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“How to Walk Down the Aisle” by David Livewell

David Livewell turned his experiences growing up in South Kensington into an award-winning poetry collection. “Shackamaxon” (a 17th-century name for the Kensington area) won the 2012 T.S. Eliot Prize from Missouri’s Truman State University Press, who published the book later that year.

The youngest son of John Livewell Jr. and Elizabeth Livewell, David shared this photo of his parents, along with a playful poem:

How to Walk Down the Aisle

(For Mr. Fallon)


The Priest who married us once said

What alcoholic grace made clear:

“Your young hearts shouldn’t fear

The path of staying wed.”


Form a resilient, wobbling cup,

And hold your fruit like vineyard monks

For love’s a pair of drunks

Holding each other up.


From “Shackamaxon,” Truman State University Press (August 15, 2012)