Philly Block Project

“Two Streetscapes, 1974” by David Livewell

Growing up on Master Street, between Hope and Hancock, South Kensington’s very streets inspired David Livewell’s poetry. Pouring through the photographs he’s contributed to our community archive, it’s clear how much they influenced his award-winning book, “Shackamaxon.”

Two Streetscapes, 1974


(i) Sun Shower

The children at my birthday saw

The sun and rain take different sides

We crossed and crossed the streets in awe.

On a fine line, the sky divides.


(ii) Blackout

When streets went dark, the silhouette

Of a lone looter peered in cars.

Dad yelled, and dropped his cigarette.

I stole a look at my first stars.


From “Shackamaxon,” Truman State University Press (August 15, 2012)