Philly Block Project

The Many Lives of Kensington High

It’s hard to tell from just one photograph, but Kensington Health Sciences Academy has undergone quite a transformation over the years!

Starting out as the Kensington High School for Girls in 1916, the school’s catchment boundaries were redrawn in 1966 to add more diversity to the mix. In 1975, they shook things up again when Kensington High began accepting boys! While the school is technically in East Kensington, many of our neighbors have gone there over the years.

This photo is one of hundreds that were found by former Kensington teacher (and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center teacher) Josh Kleiman; they were transferred from the old Kensington High building to the new Kensington High School for the Creative and Performing Arts when it was built in 2012.

While this was snapped in 1985, little is known about most of the photos Josh uncovered that day; they had been left in a closet gathering dust!

The lesson learned? Photographs can live on for generations, so preserve your stories before they’re lost!