Philly Block Project

Gilberto Gonzalez, A Lifelong Photographer

Gilberto Gonzalez took this portrait of his cousin Vivian Ortiz in 1982 at his childhood home. While Gil is still highly invested in Philadelphia’s Spring Garden neighborhood where he grew up, he’s become an important voice in South Kensington today.

After hearing about the Philly Block Project, Gil reached out to us immediately. Since receiving his first camera to keep him out of trouble as a child, he’s held onto a huge collection of photographs he’s taken over the years. Today, this artist, designer, and filmmaker has finally found the perfect use for them.

Contributing shots of family members like Vivian, as well as various images of South Kensington itself, you’ll find Gil’s work throughout our newest exhibit, ‘Archive Collective: South Kensington 19122.’

Gilberto Gonzalez 73