Philly Block Project

Joe and Leo Brenman Bring Color to Kensington’s Streets

We truly believe that nothing brightens up a block like art. With nearly 4,000 murals throughout Philadelphia, South Kensington sits in the middle of the world’s “largest outdoor art gallery.”

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find murals throughout our community, like this one at the corner of 5th and Thompson. Above, you’ll see Leo Brenman helping to paint the piece which was designed by Joe Brenman.

A Philadelphia muralist, mosaic artist, and sculptor, Joe has said that “Murals are an extension of my desire to have art become a transformative force outside the realm of galleries and museums.”

The two have also collaborated on ‘Doorways to Peace,’ a mosaic mural at Al Aqsa Islamic Society in South Kensington.