Philly Block Project

Paul and Lisa Maiello


This skyline shot was taken from the building on North 5th Street where the Paul and Lisa Maiello lived for many years beginning in the late 80s. Fun fact: before that, the space was home to the late great Big Mess Theater.

Paul now works in the film industry. In recent years, he and partners have lovingly renovated and repurposed vacant or underused buildings within the neighborhood, including the St Luke’s Lutheran Church at 1227 North 4th Street. Both he and Lisa are committed volunteers with South Kensington Community Partners, and founding members of the the SK Tree Tenders who have planted hundreds of neighborhood trees.

“Everybody knows the neighborhood has been changing so rapidly,” says Lisa. “We’re always reacting to things. We never have time to celebrate.”

Through the Philly Block Project, Lisa believes residents can both celebrate and build stronger connections in the neighborhood they love.