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Latisha and Anthony Krupincza

Professionally, Latisha Krupincza will tell you that she’s “known for building relationships.”She’s done just as well in her personal life! In 2014, the Turner Street resident Latisha Brinson married her college sweetheart Anthony Krupincza, and the rest was history! (As told on The Knot.)

“Anthony and I met my Sophomore year, his Senior year, at Temple, Spring 2006. We worked together at the IBC (the gym on Temple’s campus). It was love at first sight…lol not exactly….but we became friends instantly. Anthony is a pretty cool guy so he’s doesn’t have a problem making new friends (especially girls). We never really worked together, but he was always at the gym so every time I would work he would come over and bust it up with me. He would basically keep me company while I worked.

I had never really looked twice at someone outside of my race before I met Anthony, so I wasn’t really thinking that he liked me at first. Sometimes you can’t tell with him, because he’s so cool with everyone. That’s his MO. Anyway, eventually, I started getting the hint that he was kind of feeling me, but I still looked at him like a friend. We started hanging out a lot outside of work. We would work out together or we would go shopping and stuff together. He was working at this point and he had a car, so he would take me out to different places around Philly. He introduced me to a lot of new places/restaurants. I’m usually a picky eater and I don’t always try new things, but I can say that Anthony has made a big difference in my life. He expanded my horizons. Some of the restaurants that he introduced me to were Pietro’s Italian eatery, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, McCormick and Schmick, ect. It was a different experience for me at the time, since I was living on a college budget and was used to going out to Applebees, Friday’s, etc. Anyway, after numerous “dates” and after he admitted that he liked me, I still gave him a little chase before I eventually gave in and couldn’t fight the feelings I had for him anymore.

I was attracted to him physically but more importantly, we had built a phenomenal friendship. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend on his 24th birthday 5/4/2008 then after 6 loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg years with love, pain, laughs and joy he proposed to me on his 30th birthday 5/4/14.”

Now, we hear the two are expecting a baby this July! Congrats to the Krupinczas.

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