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Kenneth Milano Writes the Story of the Riverwards

Born and raised in Kensington, Kenneth W. Milano is one of the area’s preeminent historians and a founder of The Kensington History Project.

Descending from a line of German Catholics that settled in the region, “Milano grew up as a self-described, “knuckle-head,” playing ball in the street and using the I-95 construction site as a city-wide playground in the 1970’s.

When he chose to pursue a degree in history, Milano stayed close to his North Philadelphia stomping grounds, attending nearby Temple University. He graduated with a degree in history, before spending several years working with booksellers.

As his passion grew, Milano has played an invaluable role in telling the story of the Riverwards. In addition to penning ‘The Rest is History,’ a column in the former Fishtown Star, Milano has published six books including The Philadelphia Nativist Riots, Hidden Histories of Kensington & Fishtown, and The History of the Kensington Soup Society.

(Photo via Plan Philly)