Philly Block Project

The Philly Block Project Documents life in South Kensington

May 6, 2016

EXCERPT: Ima­gine walk­ing down a block in Kens­ing­ton, be­ing in­vited in­to someone’s house and hav­ing a photo al­bum presen­ted to you. How dif­fer­ent would that al­bum be from those found on Face­book? How much more per­man­ent are those im­ages?

The Phil­adelphia Photo Arts Cen­ter (PPAC), based in Kens­ing­ton ini­ti­ated a pro­ject last year to visu­ally doc­u­ment the lives of res­id­ents liv­ing in their neigh­bor­hood, the res­ults of which will be un­veiled later this year.

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