Philly Block Project

In South Kensington, uniting a neighborhood through photography

May 6, 2016

EXCERPT: When Gilberto Gonzalez started getting into trouble as a kid in South Kensington, his father responded by getting him a camera. Peering through the viewfinder gave him a new perspective.

“I saw a bigger world once I had my camera,” said Gonzalez, 51, still an amateur photographer, and now a designer for Community College of Philadelphia. The photos saved him, and he saved the photos – for years, though he wasn’t sure for what.

“But I found the need for them now,” he said recently. “That’s pretty cool.”

He had contributed the images to the Philly Block Project, an initiative that aims to tell the story of his neighborhood through photography, from old family photos to recent selfies to new works by well-known conceptual artists.

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