Philly Block Project

‘A visual record’ of South Kensington

May 23, 2016

EXCERPT: When the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center was founded almost seven years ago, it was created with the purpose of bridging the gap between digital and analog photography. With the Philly Block Project, the PPAC is bridging gaps once again—this time between community history and art.

Sarah Stolfa, the founder and executive director of PPAC, has always felt that making art accessible to people in the community around an arts organization is one of the arts’ most important responsibilities.

With the Philly Block Project, she hopes to build those community relationships. During the course of a year, several photographers have been enlisted to create a visual record of the South Kensington neighborhood surrounding the PPAC, taking pictures of the houses and the families who live there. Residents have also been invited to submit personal photos to be scanned into a collaborative community archive.

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