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Urban farming as a fix for Philadelphia’s food crisis; A glimpse at Greensgrow

June 13, 2016

EXCERPT: “Some, including policy makers and community organizations, believe that urban farming could have a grand effect on the food issues that plague Philadelphians. One urban farm that is attempting to change these statistics is Greensgrow Farm.

Located in the Kensington section of Philadelphia on a former galvanized steel plant, Greensgrow has formed a partnership with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger to provide individuals receiving SNAP (also referred to as ACCESS or food stamps) benefits with fresh produce. The Local Initiative for Food Education (LIFE) is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. LIFE aims to provide members of Kensington and Fishtown with “better access to fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritional advice, and food preparation training.” In 2013, Greensgrow launched the SNAP Box Program, which allows recipients to utilize their benefits to purchase 5-8 produce items weekly. “We had a very successful 2015 season with 280 families participating in Philadelphia, translating to 1,800 boxes of great food going to needy families. That’s up from 75 families in 2013!” Since the 2013 launch, the number of programs similar to LIFE and SNAP Box have increased exponentially throughout the city.”

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